Executive Health Screening Centre


There is so much to look forward to
Your life rotates around your dear ones. For them are your life and dreams. This togetherness also keeps rousing newer possibilities. And for those possibilities to come true, you have to keep well. That is why we have lunched our executive health screen program. It lets you know the physical details with four hours only (whether applicable), and there is also prompt consultancy by specialist doctor.
Make no delay in availing our health screen service and have every beauty of your life as secured and serene  
Different packages of SQUARE Hospital Executive Health Screening
Facilities available at SQUARE Hospital Executive Health Check Up

SQUARE Executive Health Screening (Male and Female)
SQAURE Executive and Diabetic Health Screening (Male and Female)
Evidence Based Health Screening
SQAURE Diabetic Health Screening (Annual and Semi Annual)
SQUARE Screening for smoker
Liver screening
Premarital Health Check Up
Health Check Up for Pre-Employment/Academic/Visa
Child Health Check Up
Child Obesity Check Up
Tumor Profile (Male and Female)
Hormonal Status (Female)
Thyroid Panel
Breast Screening

Facilities available at SQUARE Women Health & Well being Centre

SQUARE Breast, Cervical and Uterus Cancer Checkup
SQUARE Pre-Conception Health Checkup
SQUARE Investigation for HRT
SQUARE Investigation for Bone Health