Instructions for Visitors


Instructions for Patients, Visitors and Attendants:
PATIENT ATTENDANT PASS” - This pass will allow the holder to remain with the patient unless the patient is in the OT/ICU/CCU/PICU/NICU and Ward (SFU).
Two Patient Visitor’s Pass - will be used by the visitors during visiting hours only.
For IPD Bill related information please contract, 3rd Floor, Room No. 326.
Children below 7 years are not allowed inside the hospital as a visitor or patient   attendant.
Please do not bring out side Food, Valuable items, Pillow, Blanket, Bed sheet, Sleeping bag etc.
Hospital is not responsible for loss of any personal items.
No outside Ambulance is allowed during discharge of patients from Square Hospital. Please contact our Emergency 01713377773 or extension: 2005 & 2006 for ambulance service.
Patient and their attendant/visitors are responsible for proper care of hospital’s property. Patients may be charged for any damage of hospital’s property due to their negligence.
Camera and photography is strictly prohibited inside the hospital.
All medicine and consumable will be provided by the hospital, including 7 days medication upon discharge.