Orthopedics & Trauma Centre

SQUARE Orthopedics & Trauma Centre is enriched to handle our orthopedic patients to a new standard. By performing numerous successful critical surgeries in the field of orthopedics & spine surgery and through the tireless efforts of our team of physicians and nurses we have already gained the trust of the people. Our renowned orthopedics & spine surgeons have huge experience in arthroplasty, spine surgery, general orthopedics and trauma (pelvic surgeries). Our surgeons have earned a great reputation by performing numerous total hip replacements, total knee replacements and ACL reconstruction surgeries with great success. They are efficient in critical surgeries like pelvic ring fracture, traumatic spinal injury, neglected TEV, Polio, TB and scoliosis.

Features of Square Orthopedics & Trauma Centre:
  • Comprehensive treatment of all types of orthopedics and trauma
  • State of the art trauma operation theatre with full time C-Arm and Laminar Flow facilities
  • Physiotherapy and ICU facilities
  • The implant & prosthesis used are totally FDA approved
  • The physiotherapy and rehabilitation services are under the supervision of highly trained, efficient and professional physiotherapists
Surgeries in Square Orthopedics & Trauma Centre:
  • Ultra modern arthroplasty/joint replacement (total & hemi) for both hip & knee joints
  • All types of orthopedics and spine surgeries
  • Surgeries to correct the deformities of bones & limbs and also the treatment of cerebral palsy