Pathology & Lab Centre

Most up to date diagnostic laboratory in the country is located at SQUARE Hospital.

SQUARE Hospital pathology and laboratory centre is located on the sixth floor of the main building. However outpatients sample collection rooms (phlebotomy centres) are located on the first and second floor.

We use vacuum tubes to collect blood from our outpatients and inpatients. These tubes are labeled with our customized labels which are bar coded. This ensures that patient samples are not mixed up. Samples are transported to the laboratory where all the tests are done.

Our philosophy is that we do tests which all other laboratories in the country do but we follow the best possible methodology and guidelines (i.e. we do it better) and we do some tests which is not available elsewhere.  

All our reagents are stored under appropriate conditions. Expired regents are not used. All our automated analyzers are state of the art machines. Calibrations and controls are run as per international guidelines. We participate in internal and external quality assurance programmes.

We publish our results as stat, urgent or routine. Stat results are reported within half an hour and urgent results are published in two hours. Routine results whenever possible are published in four hours.

Our laboratory is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You may wish to use our services at any time of day. We also have home collection service for a small nominal fee.   


 SQUARE Hospitals aims to provide our patients with the safest possible blood, comparable to any international standard. The patient may receive blood from our blood bank stores or may receive blood obtained from donors (which are typically family or friends).

Our objective is to protect both the donor as well as the recipient of the blood.
When a donor arrives at blood bank, the individual goes through a strict screening guideline. The screening process consists of a confidential medical history, physical examination which includes checking the donor’s body weight, pulse, blood pressure and temperature. A small sample of blood is also taken from the donor to check his or her hemoglobin level. All information regarding the donor evaluation is kept strictly confidential.
We then take a sample of blood from the donor and check for certain infectious diseases. This includes screening for malaria, test for syphilis, hepatitis B (surface antigen and antibody to core antigen), hepatitis C and HIV (both antigen & antibody). We also check the donor blood group.
If the donor is of the same blood group as the potential recipient and all tests are negative the donor is asked to donate blood. This he or she does in a reclining chair in blood bank. The donor is observed for at least thirty minutes and is provided with refreshments.
SQUARE Hospitals provides whole blood as well blood components. This includes packed red cells, plasma, platelets, platelet rich plasma and cryoprecipitate.
An adult if he or she requires platelets needs four to six donors. These donors will donate whole blood from which the platelets are separated and the amount platelets obtained form four to six donors comprises of one dose of platelets for adults. This entire cumbersome process may be avoided by obtaining platelets by aphaeresis technology from a single donor. SQUARE Hospitals is equipped with appropriate platelet aphaeresis machines.
Blood donation is safe. New, sterile, disposable equipments are used at SQUARE Hospitals blood bank. If you are a healthy adult you can usually donate one bag (450 ml) of blood without endangering your health. Within 24 hours of blood donation your body replaces the lost fluid enough within several weeks; your body replaces the lost red blood cells.
If you are in good health and meet all the donation criteria, you can donate blood every four months.