Safe Surgery Centre


 It has long been recognized that some disease can only be treated with knife. The history of surgery is as old as that of mankind and disease. Surgery has evolved from primitive live saving to very highly sophisticated form of technology. In many western countries surgery had been carried out by barbers in the past. Before the invention of antiseptics and anesthesia surgery had been very painful and risky.

 Today about 234 million operations are being carried out every year. A rate of 0.4 to 0.8% death and 3 to 16% complication means that at least one million death and 7 million disabling complication each year. Surgical complications are common and often preventable.
Safe Surgery Saves Live.” WHO’s 10 objectives for safe surgery have significantly reduced mortality and morbidity of surgery. The practice of surgery in Bangladesh has undoubtedly progressed since its early beginning in Dhaka Medical College about 60 years back. More and more private hospitals are outpacing the public hospitals in terms of quality of patient care. This comes at a cost however.
Square Hospital is one of the modern founding medical institution in the country It is equipped with world standard diagnostic laboratory, operation theatre, cath lab, imaging system, IT department. ICU, HDU and an excellent anesthesia department have allowed the surgeons to maximize post op care, particularly in high risk patients.
 Surgery includes neuro, cardiac, thoracic, upper and lower GI surgery, urology and pediatric surgery. These departments are backed by a group of surgeons of height character and greatest skill.
The department of general surgery takes special interest in MIS, hepato- biliary, pancreatic, esophageal, colorectal and complex abdominal, breast, endocrine surgery. Surgeons are almost ready to offer kidney transplantation and preparing for liver transplantation in near future.
Medicine and surgery have become sufficiently complicated that some expertise is appropriate for quality of care. The concept of a surgical team is relatively new but effective means to attain excellence. Surgeons here work in a team which consists not only of consultant colleagues but also of a multidisciplinary group to deliver the best combination of care for the individual.
Modern surgery has undoubtedly helped cure diseases, alleviate suffering and prolonged life. Through its ever advancing horizons, surgical practice in the world continues to conquer new disease and bring more benefits to mankind. We wish to bring those benefits to our long suffering citizens. We want our patient’s experience in Square Hospital as pleasant and as comfortable as possible