Skin and Laser Centre

             A Centre of Excellence for Skin Care

Square Hospital has introduced an international standard Skin and Laser Center which offers a comprehensive selection of laser treatments. Our highly trained physicians are recognized experts in treating aging skin, wrinkles, eliminating spider veins, blue and red vessels in face and legs, acne scars, removing unwanted hair in all skin type, and helping patients achieve a smoother complexion.
Our dermatologists perform all of our laser procedures, so you can be assured of receiving optimal care. They will be your partner to create an individualized treatment plan to achieve beautiful results that are perfectly suited to your aesthetic taste.
Laser for unwanted Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation:
·         The World’s finest German made Mydon Nd YAG Laser Systemis used to remove hair on the face, legs, arms, underarms, chest, back, and the bikini line. Depending on hair thickness, the area treated and your hair’s growth cycle, lasers can quickly and effectively treat large areas.
·         Laser skin rejuvenation improves the skin’s overall appearance by refining texture and tone, reducing pore size, smoothing wrinkles, fading scars, decreasing diffuse redness, and stimulating collagen growth within the dermis. Results from Mydon Nd YAG Laser accumulate after each treatment and collagen production continues well after the last procedure
·         Laser rejuvenation is particularly effective in combination with other treatments, including chemical peels, Microdermabration etc. We have all the facilities to give integrated treatment which make results appear on your face and will be enlightening your beauty to make you more attractive
So, to avoid any embarrassing situation with scars and unexpected hair please visit our Centre and consult with our experts to make you more enlightened and beautiful through the safest, standard, and comfortable environment.