Waste Management System SQUARE

Hospital Wastes-

General  Waste : Managed by City Corporation

Solid  Clinical  Waste : Disposed by PRISM, an NGO

Liquid  Clinical  Waste: Managed by Hospital’s own Effluent  Treatment  Plant (ETP)



Solid Waste Management

Sorting, Handling, Interim storage, Final disposal


Dress Code / Attire : Safety First

Use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipments)

Dedicated dress

Thick rubber gloves




Use of different colored bins

5 -Different bins in IPD Nurse’s Station : Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black

6 -Different bins in Radiology Department : Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, Silver


Use of Colored bins:

Sharps are placed inside the hard red bin

All kinds of liquids  infectious, noninfectious, chemical  poured into inside blue bin 

Infectious items or any item soaked with body fluids are placed inside yellow bin

Noninfectious items such as plastic saline bags, tubes, unbroken vials, are placed inside green bin

Domestic wastes are thrown into black colored bin

This bin is placed  only in Radiology Department. The wastes are radioactive dyes , papers, tools, films, etc. are placed inside silver bin

Special care for sharps:

Avoid accidental pricks during handling of sharps

Not to recap the needle

Not to bend the needle

Not to detach needle from syringe

Do not handover sharps directly

Use the Needle Cutter


Yellow Bin For body fluids and infectious items, Human parts, Placenta, Amputated body parts

Green Bin For non infectious plastic and liquid, Plastic items, Chemicals, Medicine, Reagents, Unbroken vials

Black bin : Papers  & Other Households items



Waste Movement

Dirty utility room (at each floor), for temporary storage of wastes, Patient room, Nurse station/Sharps, DUR, Interim storage at Basement, Out


Tie before transferring

Service lift, Use ungloved hand to press the lift button, Wear heavy duty glove in dominant hand only, Take the waste directly to basement 1, Use service lift


Interim storage of Solid Clinical Wastes at basement

Kept at  2 ~ 40C  Temp.

Final disposal

Clinical wastes are taken away by an outsource PRISM, an NGO, funded by Canadian govt.

A logbook is maintained.

They receive wastes twice a day.


Liquid Waste Management at SQUARE Hospital

From, Lab, CSSD, OT Area, OT Laundry, Haemodialysis


Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) At Basement-01

ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) Final destination

Liquid - Linked with city corporation sewerage system

Sludge - Manually discharged as nonclinical solid waste



ETP  Process Flow

Effluent inlet drain


Aeration tank-1

Sludge return tank

Sludge disposal (If required)


Aeration tank-2

Settling / Sedimentation tank


Post aeration tank

Treated effluent (Pump through water flow meter)

Sodium hypochlorite