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Fatema Akter

Specialty - Dietician, Dietary and Patient Nutrition Services
Degree - M.sc (Food & Nutrition, DU), B.sc (Food & Nutrition, DU)

Dietitian Fatema Akter  obtained  M.Sc  in  Food  & Nutrition  from  Dhaka University. Right  after  she  completed  one  year  thesis  on  type-2  Diabetic  subjects  & Gestational  Diabetes  under  BIRDEM  GENERAL  HOSPITAL.

Soon  after  completing  thesis  she  joined  BIRDEM HOSPITAL  as a  Research  Fellow  &  Nutrition  Counselor, Research  Division. She  has  spent there  more  than 6 years  and comprehensive  knowledge          of  managing  patient  with  Diabetes. Then she joined SRIJONI HEALTH CONSULTANTS, Dhanmondi, as  a Consultant  Nutritionist . She joined SQUARE HOSPITAL In 2012. Since 2012 to till   date   she has been working as a Clinical Dietitian.

Dietitian Fatema Akter attended several   Clinical Nutrition Conferences. Her  thesis  paper  published  in  Ibrahim  Medical  College  Journal  2009,  &  Pak  J  Nutri  2009. She is a member of BNDF and Bangladesh Breast Feeding Foundation. She also appeared on TV shows covering nutritional topics.  

She  has  been  aiming  to  establish  Diet  & Nutrition  as  a  field  of  knowledge  &  awareness  among  her  patients  and  will be  working  for  the  better  society  through  proper  counseling  on  proper  Diet  &  Nutrition.